Inquiry Removal

A credit inquiry is a request made by a legitimate business to check your credit. There are two different types of credit checks/inquiries that can be performed: A “soft inquiry” or a “hard inquiry”.

Soft Inquiries: Soft inquiries typically occur when a person or company checks your credit report as part of a background check. Examples include employer background checks, getting pre-approved or prequalified for credit card offers and checking your own credit score. Unlike hard inquiries, a soft inquiry may occur without your permission. However, they won’t affect your credit score. Soft inquiries may or may not be recorded in your credit report, depending on the credit bureau.

Hard Inquiries: Hard inquiries generally occur when a financial institution, such as a lender or credit card issuer, checks your credit report when making a lending decision.They commonly take place when you apply for a car, personal or mortgage loan, or a credit card and you typically have to authorize the business to check your credit. Its how businesses come up with an approval or denial.

Hard inquiries can have a negative affect on you. They can lower your credit score by a few points each time you apply for something and may remain on your credit report for two years. Fortunately, as time passes (usually after 1 year), the damage to your credit score usually decreases or disappears. Too many hard inquires on your credit report greatly reduces your chances of being approved for new credit. Because when creditors see excessive hard inquiries on your report, especially in a short period of time, it appears that you were desperate for credit at one point and went on an app spree. This to them is a huge red flag and can get you denied, which is why you may be on our page…to help get rid of some of your hard inquiries.

Our Pricing


10 Inquiries And Under – $189.00



​​11-20 Inquiries              – $249.00



​​21+ Inquires                  – $349.00


***The Inquiry Removal process usually takes approximately 30 days.