By being added to a credit card account as an Authorized User, it can help improve your credit scores immensely since once you are added you basically adopt that cardholder’s payment history onto your credit report. Within 30-45 days of being added to a credit card account as an Authorized User, you will see that card’s history show up on your report (this is called adding a tradeline).

Once the tradeline is added your credit score will receive a boost. How many points your score will boost depends on several things including the age and limit of the credit card account you were added to. The older (or more seasoned) it is the stronger impact it will have on your score. And the higher the limit the higher your limits will be when you apply for your own credit.

Another thing that will determine how many points your score will boost is the condition of your credit. If you have a high DTCR, lots of collection accounts, past late payments or other negative credit, you will not receive as much of a credit score improvement. You may want to enroll in our Credit Repair Program so that we can help eliminate negative credit and debt. You can always call us and we’ll review your credit report for free and tell you what tradelines are needed.

Below is a very small portion of our inventory. Email us the login to your credit monitoring account for us to view your report and advise you which lines best fit your needs. If you are a broker, credit specialist or other financial professional email us or use the Contact Us form to request a copy of our full tradeline inventory spreadsheet. to speak with an agent to see which tradelines would be best for you.